It all started 6 years ago with a big dream, to be the number one supplier of avocado in Las Vegas. Our story begins by selling avocados from Michoacán to Mexican restaurants, at that time we had only a small storage and a small truck rented to deliver. We are a family business that has work and dedication as one of its main values.

Persistence and the search to achieve that dream made us prevail and continue looking for more opportunities, we gradually adapted to the needs of our customers and diversified ourselves, including more and more products in our sales catalog.

We currently have the structure and capacity to provide quality, quantity, and price to any customer. We offer all kinds of fruits and vegetables, that is our specialty, but we also offer dairy products and any special item that is required, as well as organic products and we have an area dedicated to processed vegetables and fruits in any way required.

Our goal is simple. Keep the consistency in our service and continue improving to offer the best from us to help chefs and kitchen staff make their jobs easier. We are available 24/7 to meet your requirements. We believe in ourselves and we love this city and its people.